Beer produced on the occasion of the opening of Chateau Svijany. It is based
on Svijanský Máz and is inspired by old recipes according to which beer was
brought to inaccessible mountain huts before winter in the last century.
The fi nished, fi ltered beer is then fermented again through fermenting wort,
so-called rings, and shortly fermented in a tank, in order to homogenize
the entire batch, and the beer then ferments equally in all barrels. After two
to three days, the beer is poured into barrels and stored in the lagering
cellars, where at 2 ° C it fi nishes fermenting again for three to four weeks.
Alcohol content: 4.8%. Bitterness: 30 EBC.
Ingredients: drinking water, fl oor barley malt,
Saaz hops, hop products.